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Anti-blue light glasses

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Lens material: resin
Applicable face: male / female
Lens function: anti-blue / anti-UV / decoration

【 protection of glasses 】

1. Single hand lifting and wearing will damage the left and right balance of the frame, resulting in distortion. It is recommended that you take the leg of the mirror with both hands and remove it along the parallel direction of both sides of your cheeks.

2. Generally, the leg of the left mirror should be folded first when wearing, which is not easy to cause distortion of the frame.

3. It is recommended to rinse the glasses with water and absorb the water with a paper towel, and then try to wipe them with a special cloth. Hold the wire at the edge of the frame on one side of the wiping lens and gently wipe the lens to avoid excessive force causing damage to the frame or lens.

4. If you do not wear glasses, please wrap them in the glasses case. If temporarily placed, please convex face up glasses, otherwise easy to wear the lens. At the same time, glasses should avoid contact with anti-insect agent, toilet cleansers, cosmetics, hair gel, medicine s and other corrosive substances, avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (60℃ or above) placed, otherwise easy to cause the deterioration, deterioration, discoloration of lenses and frames.

5, regular to the professional shop for plastic adjustment, the deformation of the lens frame will cause a burden on the nose and ears, the lens is easy to loose.

6. Do not use glasses in intense sports to avoid lens breakage caused by strong impact and eye and facial injuries; Do not use frayed lenses to prevent the fading of vision caused by light dispersion; Do not look directly at the sun or harsh light to avoid eye injury.

7. Maintenance of sunglasses

Dazzling sunglasses let you active in the sun, good freedom. In fact, sunglasses can not block the sun, can not block pollution damage, so to fine fine care, lest face hang up oh.

Actually the method that maintains sunglasses is like to maintain general glasses, clean, fold, deposit should develop a habit. However, sunglasses often take off and put on, one accidentally will scratch, so there are some small details to remind you: when there is a stain adhere to the sunglasses, do not use your nails to scratch, it is easy to scratch the surface.

Without sunglasses, many people hang them on their heads, collars, or pockets with minimal movement to avoid breaking or crashing. Or someone will put it in a handbag. It is suggested that you should put the rigid glasses case first before putting it in the handbag to avoid being worn by keys, combs, copper plates and other small things on the lens, or stained with lipstick and other cosmetics.


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